Our mission

Provide high quality ethical and ecological articles, minimizing the environmental impact in all its actions, valuing precisely to its employees, demanding an ethical behavior to its suppliers and sensitizing customers about the importance of Converting consumption into a responsible, ethical and sustainable action.

Our central messages

  • ethicome only works with products, companies and brands that respond to strict ethical and ecological trade criteria.
  • ethicome is a company managed responsibly with the environment, with its workers and suppliers, in a consistent manner with its mission.
  • ethicome is committed to fighting for a world in which ethical, ecological and responsible trade becomes widespread.
  • ethicome values and treats its client as a member of its community, listening and responding to its suggestions, so that together they positively influence a change in the patterns of consumption, contributing to the dream of a more fair world.

Our Objective

ethicome is a benchmark for those who want their consumption needs aligned with their preferences and social behavior options. It gives the opportunity to make an act of purchase an almost political act of transformation, without renouncing efficiency or aesthetics criteria.

ethicome customers feels like new people, participate in a positive change, proud of their acquisition, useful to society and the planet, at ease with themselves and with their new and updated identity.

Millions of citizens of this world have understood that we must be the change we wish to see

Our history

Those who form ethicome come from business world, NGO’s and political and environmental activism. We have spent enough time working in responsibility charges to have developed a critical view of the existing business and associative models on which we had been an active part.
Because of our experience we have come to the conclusion that there are other possible organisational models. ethicome responds to the desire to create a new business model in which we are able to live in freedom, because it generates sufficient economic benefits, and at the end, consistent with ours values and cravings for a better consistent with our values and cravings for a better world for us and the generations to come. Actually, an economic model that allows us to work with a universal goal and realize ourselves in our daily work.
At ethicome we wake up every day wanting to work on this project, because doing it we are happy, because we work in a good environment and because it is extremely satisfying to know that we are working for a better world with the people we love.

Our business model

We believe that there are other models that can generate wealth, that harmonize ethics and benefits, coherence and results, value and values.

ethicome is a company with a revolutionary model in which aspires thata its workers and its clients will become the owners of the company. That is why the workers of ethicome have shares in the company and therefore their customers and also the producers will always have the opportunity to acquire shares of the same.  ethicome wants to be the first big corporation or multinational that will generate progress, work and a distribution of wealth that benefits its workers, clients and anyone who wants to be part of the ethicome family because it has a clear commitment to the values of the Company.

ethicome wants ethical producers and brands to focus on creating innovation because we care that they sell more than ever to enjoy greater freedom. That small producers find the place to grow and access a huge public interested and that the largest producers do not lose the values that moved them to create their brands.

ethicome wants that when you need to buy a product, first look into our website if there is what you want, produced in a respectful manner with the human being and the environment.
And we want you to find it.
That’s why we need to concentrate a huge diversity of products

Our philosophy

In the last 50 years, humanity has seen many and massive movements that vindicated another world. A better and fairer world. Since the revolution of the love of the 60’s, the ecological movements of the 70’s, the fall of walls of freedom of the 80’s, the anti-globalization movements of the 90’s, or the movements of indignation of the last decades since the beginning of this millennium; another world will be possible from the beginning of the millennium until the movements of indignation of the last decade.

All these movements have spawned generations of people, who understand life in a joyful and festive way, relate to love, want a cleaner and healthier world, and feel radically free. Thousands of human beings who want another economic model, and who express their craving for a better world while protesting the inefficiency and slowness of changes.

In ethicome we know that the next decade will be the one of responsible consumption, the economy of the common good. The world is showing that we have understood that consumption in this moment of history is a great power and the only one we can exercise daily.

Millions of citizens of this world have understood that we must be the change we wish to see.

Our social responsibility

In ethicome we want to share part of our benefits with the various social causes in which we participate and in which we believe. For years we have worked in the great humanitarian crises, we have lived wars, and we have seen from very close the suffering of our fellows. We want to help those who have a bad way, but above all we want to help those who do their best in very difficult contexts to build a better world. To those good people who many times work hard to create new spaces of solidarity between humans being opposing the policies of bad governments.

It is a desire of ethicome also be able to count in our team with people in difficulties or in risk of social exclusion. The re-humanization of people trough work in ethicome.

ethicome as a family.

Our Environmental Responsibility

In ethicome we minimize the medioambiental impact of all our day-to-day activities as part of our mission. We calculate the few emissions generated by our activity and compensate them by reforesting where it is most needed.

Our activism

ethicome founders are activists for different causes: Environmentalists, pro-human rights, against child labor or exploitation, activists against animal abuse among many other claims that you can have as citizens.
Together we build ethicome to become an active member in forums, campaigns and initiatives for responsible consumption, fair trade and a more human economy.
ethicome complies with the precepts of the economy of the common good applicable to companies, and advocates for the fulfillment of its 20 central points.